METRO (London newspaper)
July 14, 2001

So fluid and seamless are Kelly Joe Phelps's acoustic, modern blues one could imagine them being played at an Islington dinner party; coffee table roots music for the chattering classes. But with God, and the devil, in the detail with Phelps, a more illuminating label would be the Bert Jansch of blues. Jansch was an early influence on Phelps and in recent years he has returned to the sound of slide guitar with the same dexterous grace Jansch bestows on his acoustic guitar. On this third album for Rykodisc, Phelps is joined by Larry Taylor on string bas and Billy Conway on drums and percussion. The result is argueably his most realised work to date - and as soulful, taut and tender an album as you're likely to hear all year. ***** (out of 5)